Friday, April 28, 2017

Huntsville had a Post Office from 1880 to 1968. It was located in the only store in town, Wade Wolfe's General Merchandise. Photos and memorabilia courtesy of Ruth Wolfe-Axelson and Mary Lieberman Phillips.


Edith Wolfe continued as Postmaster & Shopkeeper after Wade died in 1947

Last postmark before closing Dec 27, 1968

Coffee Grinder from Wolfe's store

Washington Seminary (UBS), 1902

Wade Wolfe's diploma, 1902

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Gas stations of 1955. Photos by Bill Lilley courtesy of Jeanne Savage.

Green Park Mobil, Clinton & Isaacs

Harold's Shell, 500 S 9th

Pete's Mobil, 250 E Alder

Commercial Tire Service Texaco; old Keylor Grand Theater flyloft

Tom Brooks Union 76, 410 N 4th

Warren's Conoco, 202 N 2nd

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Waitsburg High School group portraits courtesy of Mary Lieberman Phillips.

Waitsburg High School Co-ed ball, 1943

Junior Prom, 1939


October 1927

Rainbow Dance, ca1935

Band, ca1938

Orchestra, ca1937

Friday, April 21, 2017

Shelton's Cafe opened in 1934 at 17 East Alder, and was closed and razed in 1960.

Raymer & Shelton, April 1934
James Raymer was a grocer; Raymond Shelton was a clerk at Shep's

Shelton's Menu 1940 courtesy of Mary Phillips

Ted Porter and Bill Schiffman worked it in this 1949 ad.
Wayne Dickey and Conrad Heimbigner operated it in this 1953 ad

Conrad Heimbigner and the Café staff, 1957

Conrad Heimbigner last owner and operator, December 1959

Waitresses, Dec 1959
Café is to the left of the Grand Hotel door on Alder Street in this Fair parade photo. Wagon Wheelers on horses.

Shelton's gone. Grand Hotel was razed in 1962