Sunday, December 4, 2016

Shriners' Parade, September 30, 1961. Color slides by Howard B. Ludwigs, courtesy of Nancy Ross-Ludwigs.

Probably the Wa-Hi band passing the Rees Hotel and Mexica Linda restaurant on the left

Kennewick Lions marching band

Palomino Patrol Horses ride by Dacres and Pastime Café

Marshall Hotel and Liberty Cigar Store and Tavern

Waitsburg High School band

Pilot Rock unit

El Katif Palomino Patrol car passes Pastime Café and Liberty Tavern

Whitman College Rally Girls in convertible

Echo Pep Club and School band by Court House

Dirty Dozen car from Columbia Basin Shrine Club

El Katif Oriental Band

El Katif Caliope from Spokane

Blue Mountain Shrine Club officers pass by Inland Printing office

Friday, December 2, 2016

Bill Lilley (1907-1999) was the Union-Bulletin photographer from 1953 to 1972. Photos from private archive courtesy of Jeanne Savage.

Nellie and spouse Bill Lilley seated on left; Wallowa Lake, August 1955
Wallowa Lake cabin, July 1966

Jim Schick (seated) and Bill in U-B office, November 1955
Straw Hat Day stunt; felt hat tossing contest at Whitman Hotel, May 1955