Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Vice President Lyndon B Johnson arrives at noon May 9 1962 on 707 jet from Chicago, gives short talk at WW Airport then flies on a C-54 prop plane to Pasco for lunch. After the Ice Harbor Dam dedication at 3pm, he flies back to WW and joins a motorcade to the Whitman Hotel for banquet and meeting immediately after which he flies to Seattle in the 707 to be in Century 21 program on May 10th. File photos courtesy of the Union-Bulletin.

Wa-Hi ROTC and Sponsor Corps on 2nd Ave

Walla Walla Twins of 1962, Denise & Judy Yeend. pin Johnson

Miss Indian America, Brenda Bearchum

Lyndon B Johnson speaking

Senator Frank Church speaking

Governor Rosellini speaking

Herbert West speaking

Secret Service?

Johnson's 707 jet left Walla Walla right after the banquet heading to Seattle.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

New Court House news from the pages of the Walla Walla Bulletin newspaper in 1916. Click on images to enlarge; images not necessarily in chronological order, but each is dated in its caption area.

July 23 1916

Aug 10 1916
Feb 14 1916
March 10 1916

March 29 1916
June 4 1916

June 11 1916
March 14 1916
Sept 27 1916

Dec 3 1916

Aug 25 1916
Dec 1 1916

Dec 13 1916
April 12 1916

Dec 23 1916
Dec 11 1916